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Friday, 29 March 2019

Sarfraz Ahmed Urges international Teams to Visit Pakistan

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Sarfraz urges international teams to visit Pakistan

Captain Sarfraz Ahmed sahab said his international team could play in England despite all the problems that had to go to Pakistan for a cricket game at his celebration in Karachi Press Club on Thursday. Ahmed said Ahmed would have difficulty replacing Misbah and Younis, but he said others like Azhar Ali, Babar Azam and Asad Shafiq would like to run for the team.

As by Sarfaraz sahab urges international teams to visit Pakistan "The exam chief is a challenge, but it will be easier over time," he said. The team has developed a combination of seniors and middle-aged players, and Sarfaraz said that some seniors are not doing well if they are doing well. "We need high-level players to lead the team."

Sarfraz sahab also thanked the mentor who provided cricket services in Karachi, especially Azam Khan. The situation is improving in Pakistan cricket, he added, adding that international cricket will try to make the most of this gap.

Pakistan cricket has lost a lot without international cricket and it is time for the international team to acknowledge us. "We have not played cricket at home for the past nine years," Ahmed said. Despite the UAE home game, playing at home is another experience. He also expressed hope that an international cricket team would visit Pakistan after "Ronaldinho and Friends" arrived.

Primce Minister Nawaz Shareef has lost the right to remain in office: Khursheed Shah

Khursheed Shah, a leader of the opposition party, said at a news conference Thursday that he was embarrassed to remain in prime minister after his cabinet began discussing resignation.

He accused the ruling party of moving to "confrontation with state institutions". "There was a lot of damage because you made a malicious attempt to [PML-N] this institution, and it will take a lot of time to repair it."

It is a shame that Pakistani prime minister is holding a work visa and getting paid in a small country. "The Joint Investigation Group report says PM is hired in the Arab Emirates, even after it was elected in 2013.

The opposition leader said it was not a matter of Articles 62-63. "The matter is now about crime committed - you have misused the agency's actions and filed false documents."

He also said members of the Sharif are struggling to mislead the court, and PM has lost the right to "stay in office" for a while.

PM claims to resign.
A Pakistani spokesman, Imr Khan, said he had lost all moral grounds for maintaining prime minister's resignation following Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's resignation.

"Democracy is a system in which governments operate on the basis of moral grounds, not physical authority, while the prime minister has lost all moral grounds to maintain his term and mentioned in a press conference on the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa health sector.

Referring to the prime minister, an ally of India, the Indian authorities said he feared the army would become stronger if PM Sharif would step down.

Imran Khan cited in an Indian media article that the Indian authorities insisted that Nawaz Sharif should finish his term in accordance with his interests. Khan avoided commenting on Jawed Hashmi's journalists, raising suspicions about the PTI chairman.

PM Nawaz Shareef sahab tries to establish 'urgent contact' with UAE counterpart

The Foreign Ministry sent a copy to Dawn News on Wednesday to the UAE ambassador and sought an emergency phone contact between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the Vice President and Prime Minister. United Arab Emirates Secretary Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

"Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif read the letter on the phone," I hope to have an urgent call with Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Diplomatic cables were injured when the prime minister was already in hot water for the Panamanian scandal. According to the family financial records submitted to the court set by the co-investigative team responsible for investigating the first family, PM Sharif and his three children were proposed to submit references to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) . Their offshore assets.

Opposition parties are also pressuring the ruling party to resign. However, the prime minister asserted that he would not bow before such a demand. The letter also emphasized the fact that the Abu Dhabi Pakistani embassy has already contacted the UAE authorities.

A credible source said in an interview with DawnNews that the draft, dated July 12, was handed over to UAE envoys in the Foreign Ministry's DG Middle East on Thursday. The source said it was made after a failed attempt to contact the UAE Embassy in Pakistan.

The Foreign Ministry letter asked the embassy's help, "I checked the best time to call today." But the sources informed DawnNews that no such contact had been made by Thursday evening. When contacted for story verification, the Foreign Ministry official refused to comment on the letter.

Monday, 4 March 2019

Top US Diplomat Wraps Up Gulf Tour

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Top US diplomat wraps up Gulf tour but impasse grinds on

The US diplomat concluded his first entry on shuttle diplomacy last Thursday, as there was little progress to break the deadlock between Qatar and his four Arab neighbors. US Secretary of State Rex Taylor visited the Gulf State, the second US ally, for a lunch meeting with 37-year-old Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. Tiller and the Qatari senator appeared before Doha's camera, but ignored the questions of reporters.

Exxon Mobil, a Texan oil company, is working with Qatari, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait mediators to restore the divide that divides America's most important Middle Eastern allies. Officials say they can downplay expectations and all resolutions can be put forward a few months earlier.

His most obvious accomplishments were securing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on strengthening terrorist financing policies with Qatar and cracking down on terrorist financing. The negotiations are at the heart of semi-Qatari midterm complaints against natural gas-rich countries, providing support for extremist groups.

Qatar has strongly denied allegations, although others such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, a Palestinian militant group, have provided aid to Islamic organizations that have labeled terrorists. Anti-Qatar television has argued that pressure and demands on Qatar lead to negotiations on a terrorist treaty. But the agreement says it is not enough to end the negotiations.

On the other hand, shipping companies have opened alternative routes to secure supplies without going through the containment bureau, while flagship carrier Qatar Airways continues to operate 200 fleets by bypassing friendly airspace.

The government sees a 10-fold increase in shipping costs for its essence. Allan Turkey and neighboring Iran have also increased exports to Qatar and even imported cows to meet the shortage of dairy products due to the only border closure with Saudi Arabia.

Still, cracks are causing hardships for some. Human Rights Watch hindered medical care Thursday, including divorcing family relationships, preventing them from attending college, and children who missed scheduled brain surgery.

Also, Qatar-based migrant workers were concerned about the rise in food costs due to the blockade of isolated, stranded workers in Saudi Arabia and Doha. "Political disputes among Gulf dictators are violating the rights of peaceful Gulf populations to live and care for their families," said Middle East director Sarah Leah Whitson in a statement.

US charging 412 in health fraud schemes worth $1.3b

Prosecutor General Jeff Sessions claimed Thursday that over 40 billion people in health insurance fraud and opioid fraud claimed $ 1.3 billion in false claims.

The group called collective action "the largest eradication of medical fraud in US history," and some doctors, nurses and pharmacists said they "violated their oaths and chose greed rather than patients."

Six Michigan doctors are being blamed for unnecessary opioid prescription plans. The rehabilitation facility in Florida is estimated to have raised $ 58 million for false cards and tests through recruiting gift cards and addicts and visiting strip clubs.

Officials said more than 120 people were involved in illegally prescribing and distributing narcotic analgesics for those charged with the plan. These prescription opioids are behind the worst drug overdose in American history.

More than 52,000 Americans died of overuse in 2015, and experts believe this number has continued to increase.

Andrew McCabe, a spokesman for the FBI, said, "In some cases, we are collecting addicts in the waiting room waiting for a prescription.

"They are sentenced to death, plain and simple."

Sessions said about 300 healthcare providers are prohibited from participating in federal health programs.

"They do not seem to care about the miserable consequences of their greed. Their actions often enrich themselves with sacrifices of taxpayers, they also eat poisoning and start poisoning.

Though healthcare scams such as Thursday occur nationwide, the fraud authorities continue to adhere to the best way to solve the problem.

The defendants illegally billed Medicare, Medicaid, and health insurance programs that provide services to soldiers, veterans, and families, the Justice Department said.

This claim includes a claim that the claimed patient includes an invoice for unnecessary medication that was not purchased or administered to the patient.

KE Consumers Demand Efficient Power Plants

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KE consumers demand efficient power plants, revision in slabs

On Thursday, the first day of the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) hearing on K-Electric's petition for multi-year tariffs (MYT) began, singing loud scenes and slogans.

Nepra's President Brigadier (retired) Tariq Saddozai, Balochistan Major (retired) Haroon Rashid, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Himayatullah Khan member, Punjab member and Saifullah Chatth vice president and Sindh Syed Masood ul Hassan Naqvi.

Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) packed protesters who sometimes resorted to raising the slogan for utilities for hype. At a multi - year tariff hearing, utilities face strict criticism of overcharging. The hearing began with concern raised by the intervening party.

Dr Qazi Ahmed Kamal of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce said that KE should install new power generation facilities more efficiently. "They should be more than 60 percent efficient." He added that the TOU (time-of-use) or TOU meter must be installed in all factory and commercial homes, as determined in 2011.

Regional businessman Arif Bilwani said that the heat generation rate of the KE generators has been calibrated in 2012 and has not been confirmed since. "We do not know how favorable KE is in this sector."

Having seen the highly efficient Haveli Bahadur Shah Plant established by the Punjab government, he said he can reduce tariffs.

He said Nepra should ask KE to install higher efficiency power plants to help lower electricity rates. Ameer JI Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman said the KE is sending excessive bills to consumers for public authorities. Hundreds of consumers are complaining about fake claims, he added.

He added that the power plant carries loads at a high level in poor areas. "The load reduction by the KE should be done evenly," he said.

Pasban's Abu-Bakr Usman pointed out that the slab system of KE was openly changed without a hearing. "It's done through government notices," he said. "Nep is illegal and we have to call for a hearing on the subject, so we have to fix the same thing."

During the second half of the year, KE announced a review exercise in response to NeFra's MYT decision.

"A performance-based tariff structure allows KE to invest $ 130 billion in Karachi's power infrastructure since 2009. KE has not paid dividends to date and has a yearly profit Audited accounts have been reinvested in business. "

He argued that this would benefit power consumers through improved supply and quality of service. However, the determined tariffs do not cover costs, ignore the real recovery problem, and lead to a KE with a serious cash shortage, jeopardize the sustainability of the company, and seriously affect KE and its consumers. "

The KE Director Finance and Aamir Ghaziani regulations, filing a utility hearing petition, emphasized that it is important to recognize recovery losses in order to ensure that customs fees are reflected in the practices adopted by regulators around the world for private utilities.

"Because KE is a vertically integrated utility, a fixed tariff-based tariff structure is not appropriate and flexible performance-based tariffs encourage utilities to invest in efficiency improvements and ensure that consumers do not have to pay upfront It is appropriate, "he said.

He also added, "At the determined tariff rate of 2017, the revenue guaranteed to the government is lower than that offered to other private sector investors with government guarantees, and Nepal should provide equal competition to KE."

KE CEO Tayyab Tareen said that with investment amounting to more than RMB 254 billion, KE has established a solid business plan for seven years, considering the increase in electricity demand and the strengthening of the city's power infrastructure.

Availing of tax amnesty not dishonesty,I Imran’s lawyer tells SC

Ish Khan Pakistan spokesman Ish Khan Senator Neeem Bokhari, who represents the Pakistani delegation, told the Supreme Court that he bought Draycott in London using the 2000 tax exemption system. Argued that it was not illegal.

"If it is dishonest, all equally dishonest people are dishonest."

Chief of the Pakistan Muslim League, led by Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar, Hanif Abbasi banned Imran Khan and PTI Secretary General Jahangir Khan Tareen to seek disqualification of the assets and disqualification of foreign companies. PTI is a foreign support authority.

By using the 2000 tax exemption system, Khan released proceeds from a professional cricket player while playing overseas in 1983 to buy ownership of an apartment purchased in London.

The PTI Chair will obtain documentation on the income of Sussex County.

During the proceedings, the Minister of Justice Umar Ata Bandial asked counsel to explain the criteria triggering Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution, which deal with the qualifications and disqualification of members.

The court reminded the counsel that the London council should file a document showing the purchase. Bokhari received several papers late Wednesday night and made it clear that he was still elsewhere explaining a £ 117,000 payment method for buying a flat.

However, his colleague, Sikandar Bashir Mohmand, wrote Khan e-mail and obtained documents from Sussex County, and the estimated £ 117,000 he received from other counties generated £ 55,000 to £ 60,000, which he was arrested by a lawyer at some point in the mortgage .

The official informed the bench that this document was very old and difficult to obtain, but was trying to get these documents and submit them to the Supreme Court as soon as possible.

The Chief Justice said the Chief Justice did not get angry at the defendant, referring to Bokhari's observations at the July 11 hearing that the chief justice appeared uncomfortable with him, but the court confirmed that the flat piece of the document, It is.

The court asked the defendant to explain to the defendant on the precise terms when the complete dossier was filed, unless the court required the court not to submit additional documents to be filed.

Fraud charges
The applicant's attorney, Mohammad Akram Sheikh, wondered how he could dispute the respondent's claims if the documents were still pouring.

However, the lawyer emphasized that Khan's allegations had changed based on the fact that he committed all kinds of fraud. As a matter of fact, the attorney said that the whole of London is not a Khan, but an overseas company, Niazi Services Limited (NSL) (a corporation created by Khan to avoid taxes, which was not disclosed when he used it).

The Chief Justice noted that the PTI advised the PTI that it had filed a petition to buy a London apartment, because it was imposed by the court to satisfy itself that the petitioner did not disclose the money . After admitting that Khan is a plainsman in London,

Bokhari argued that Khan did not disclose ownership of property to the IRS prior to 2000. Because he did not need him because he lived abroad and earned taxes and paid taxes. He said that all responsibility for income and property statements was removed when the plan was useful, he said.

The Chief Justice, however, argued that Khan was a Pakistani inhabitant in 1989 and that imports should be made public. According to the petitioner, the act of not disclosing the property of Pakistan was deceived because it was only a cover-up of something.

Boca Hockey recalled that after the Panama controversy, the FBR notified the customer and was investigating the problem.

The consultant supports the court.
Petitioner's attorney Mohammad Akram Sheikh said that not all of London belongs to Imran Khan but to his overseas firm Niazi Services Limited.
Petitioner's attorney Mohammad Akram Sheikh said that not all of London belongs to Imran Khan but to his overseas firm Niazi Services Limited.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Govt Opposition Continue War Of Words

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Govt opposition continue war of words outside SC

The war between the government and the opposition continued on Wednesday, as the Supreme Court heard the Panama newspaper leak every day. Earlier, Pakistani Muslim League-Nawat (PML-N) and Pakistani Terikh-i-Insaf (PTI) leaders exchanged a series of allegations, but now the Pakistani People's Party (PPP) has also jumped verbally to criticize Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Fight outside the front court. Former PPP President Punjab Latif Khosa said the prime minister and finance minister Ishaq Dar would face a lifetime of forfeiture of counterfeit statements and counterfeit statements in the Supreme Court. "Both were Aqama (work visas) holders in the United Arab Emirates and had officials in the UAE, which is enough to disqualify them for the rest of their lives," he said.

PPP says it's different from PM and will be disqualified for life

According to Khososa, a senior lawyer, in accordance with Articles 218 and 220 of the Constitution, the Pakistan Election Commission (ECP) said that honest and unstable people should not be allowed to run for national and local parliamentary elections. He said Nawaz Sharif is lying to cover corruption, tax evasion and illegal offshore assets. Prime Minister Sharif, his son and daughter have submitted counterfeit documents to the Supreme Court exposed by the British Virgin Islands," he added.

The PPP leader said the prime minister refused to admit his uncle, Mohammad Hussain, who worked at the Sharif Dubai steel mill earlier. "The prime minister admitted that Mohammad Hussein was his uncle." A PTI spokesperson, Pawad Shosti, expected the Supreme Court to announce the ruling of the Panamanian newspaper by Friday. "Nawaz Sharif 's lawyer has completed his argument, and the decision is expected to be announced by Friday," he said.

He said the Sharif family did not provide details of the assets and prime minister sons of Mawan Sharif's father, Nawaz Sharif. "Nawaz Sharif does not even know that his son Hussain Nawaz has become a billionaire at the age of 16," he said.

Sheikh Rashid, a Panamanian journalist and chairman of the Awami Muslim Federation, said those who advised the prime minister not to resign were actually digging political tombs.

Sharif attorney Khwaja Harris admitted to holding the UAE work visa by 2014 before the Supreme Court. Rashid said the prime minister had missed the opportunity to provide money in front of the elite court. "Now he has to resign," he added. Emir of Jamat-i-Islami Sirajul Haq asked the state to pay taxes, even though Dar called him a tax evader.

He said Mr. Sharif 's lawyer would not defend his lawyer for this case. "He committed all the wrongs, but the prime minister was an innocent person," he said.

Anusha Rehman, Federal Intelligence Minister, said the report of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) will be thrown into the trash bin and another JIT should be formed to confirm the allegations filed by the JIT.

"The JIT report is based on Malaga's intentions and one-sided accountability is being conducted for the prime minister," she said.

She said that a single report on the JIT was not disclosed in that country, but the report on this JIT was not only publicly available but also available on the Internet,

The minister said he would give up all attempts to remove Mr Sharif or start a media trial against him. "Nawaz Sharif will become the next prime minister."

Water Minister Sherly Ali said Imran Khan, chairman of the PTI, is not attending party court proceedings because of his fear of arrest.

"Imran Khan has been declared a criminal sentenced by the Supreme Court, so he thinks he will come out of his house and be arrested."

Senators Demand New Accountability Law

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Senators demand new accountability law with no ‘sacred cows’

The Senate was informed Wednesday that a bill proposing the establishment of the National Accountability Commission was close to a final decision, demanding that a "divine cow" could formulate a new accountability act.

Attorney General Zahid Hamid, chairman of the National Accountability Committee of the Parliament, said that 53 of the 55 proposals were agreed. The two dispute provisions addressed corruption, corrupt practices and the definition of civil servant holders, he said.

He said that the committee proposed under Article 209 of the Constitution would conduct its own investigation and prosecution, and that the president, vice chairman and members could be removed only as a Supreme Court justice.

Despite the protest by the Attorney General, the Chairman allowed discussion on the JIT report.

He was sentenced to 14 years in prison if his illegal profits were not restored, and he was sentenced to seven years in prison if he recovered.

However, as soon as the National Accountability Act was approaching its final stage, the minister decided that the Sindh General Assembly would not be applied to Sindh and passed its own law.

"Should there be a sacred area if we say there should be no sacred cattle?" He asked the Sindh government to review the bill.

He acknowledged the need for a new accountability mechanism in 2009 by the Pakistan People's Party (PPP), abbreviated as Public Office Holders' Accountability Bill.

He said the PML-N had reservations on several provisions because it wanted retrospective application possibilities and wanted full accountability. He also said his party has been awaiting compensation for actions taken in good faith.

Senator Raza Rabbani said in 1949 that the first accountability was established and changed from time to time, but he regretted the failure of the system.

"The logical conclusion is that there must be a single law and a single agency for accountability, that there should be no sacred cattle and be a member of all politicians, public officials or justice or military."

Farhatullah Babar of the PPP, who participated in the debate, said the history of anti-corruption law in Pakistan is one of selectivity, sacred cattle and political witch hunts.

He said institutional corruption and the abrogation of the constitution are threatening the foundation of democracy and the state rather than financial corruption.

He condemns institutional corruption and lack of respect for the constitution, which undermines public confidence in the state's institutions and beliefs, "and clearly understands and resolves the overall institutional corruption. All the irregularities in land use over the past few decades If it is regularized through administrative orders on the last day of the prime minister's prime minister without discussion and responsibility, it is an example of institutional corruption. "

He also urged all military and judicial officials to implement a Democratic Charter that alleges that they should submit annual property and income declarations as well as lawmakers to the public.

In addition, the Department of Defense demanded that the Department of Defense control troops and logistics, and that a committee be formed to review and review the legality of all land allocation rules, regulations and policies.

Attorney General Zaid Hamid denied the JIT report on the agenda but said it would violate the outcome of the case in front court.

But the senator rejected his claim and commented on what happened outside the Supreme Court every day. The lawyer cited judges' comments as well as comments on the trial.

"I will be absurd if we do not allow discussions on the issues that the public is discussing," he said, while a detailed analysis of the documents presented as evidence in the TV talk show is under way.

JIT Didn’t Prove PM Owned London Flats

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JIT didn’t prove PM owned London flats, counsel tells SC

On Wednesday, a lawyer for Nawaz Sharif, a lawyer for Nawaz Sharif, attempted to distinguish JIT from owning assets and profiting from it, arguing that he had not accused him of abusing power or corruption.

Senator Kawahara Harris Ahmed said the three chief justice chief Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan said, "The court should be very cautious when deciding on this matter, because what we have said about the prime minister is based on factual evidence - based reasoning.

Also read: Selection of PM in Panamagate Case: SC Verdict or NAB Court

Khawaja Harris refers to Article 9 (a) (v) of the National Accountability Ordance in 1999 and states that only civil servants are deemed to have committed corruption if their dependents or veneammites own or hold monetary resources They are unequal to their known sources of income.

A legal team from Sharifs will submit a new document today. Dar's lawyer warned him about withdrawing his statement.

However, the defendant asserted that anyone who gains, enjoys or manages such assets can not declare corruption.

However, Judge Ijaz-ul-Ahsan asked if the person who enjoyed the property or profit would actually be the Venetian owner.

Judge Khan pointed out that the courts had been listening to the matter for several days and therefore knew the definitions and concepts.

He also advised that the real issue was a source of funds for four luxury Avenfield apartments that were raised in 1993 when PM's children had no means of buying them.

However, according to the report, the JIT did not provide documents or witnesses to prove that PM Sharif was the real owner of a London apartment, and that everyone else, including his children, had these properties on their behalf.

Inspection: The end of the Sharif era?

JIT stated that four London apartments belong to the entire Sharif family, and Mian Mohammad Sharif, the father of the family, led the family business.

However, Judge Khan advised Al-Towfeek that the name of Maryam Nawaz Sharif, the daughter of the prime minister, was used in the case.

However, he made it clear that there were several shareholders at Hudabiya Paper Mills Ltd, which was the subject of the Al-Towfeek case, including Mian Sharif and his children and his grandchildren. But he has control over all his work and the prime minister is not responsible.

Ahsan advised Al-Towfeek that details of the ownership of the apartment were revealed when the 2000 statute was passed in the case. The fundamental question was that he was able to quickly add who owned this property, where the funds came from to get the apartment, where the money came from, and so on.

Prime Minister Sharif has issued a statement in Congress saying that it will always be available when an answer to such a question is needed, but these questions were still unanswered, Ahsan Minister of Justice said.

To this end, Khawaja Harris did not deny what the prime minister said, but that the apartment was not his.

They were owned by the entire family, and the prime minister is not personally linked to family business and added that Mian Sharif fully supervised.

The PM Sharif can not be held responsible for the property, despite his admission that he stayed for several months since 1993, the lawyer said.

Judge Khan also asked for advice on whether the prime minister had a document showing that he did not have the property on behalf of the prime minister, while Supreme Court Justice Saeed observed that there was no document showing who owns the apartment.

Ahsan Attorney General accused Hussain Nawaz of being called by JIT and failing to provide documents certifying ownership of overseas companies Nescoll and Nielson.

For the sake of argument, we acknowledge that these properties belong to Mian Sharif, but once he dies, some will have come to the prime minister in the form of inheritance.

Khawaja Harris, however, argued that the prime minister's name was never determined in connection with Gulf Steel Mills, Nescoll or Nielson, even with respect to Qatar investment. These things were explained to the JIT and if there were any discrepancies, the investigators had to confront the Sharif family.

Abram Salman Akram Raja, on the other hand, submitted documents gathered from Abu Dhabi Customs to show that the scrap and machinery of the Gulf Steel Works had been relocated from Dubai after liquidation.

Israeli Prime Minister Accidentally Admits

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Israeli prime minister accidentally admits Syria strikes

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was caught on Wednesday by a live microphone against the European Union's "crazy" allegations, which set the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a precondition for closer ties.

Netanyahu met with leaders from Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Slovakia at the region summit. Netanyahu discussed Iran and Syria, the group of armed Islamic countries, and the EU-Israel relationship. Some of his comments and stories of other leaders who were not released to the media were broadcast by journalists in other rooms where the meetings were held.

Netanyahu publicly acknowledged that Israel had "dozens, dozens" attacks on Hezbollah's Iranian army squadron in Syria.

The Israeli prime minister struck Israel's approach to the EU, saying, "It is crazy. It seems to me that the fact that the 28-nation bloc claims that the settlement of the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians should be done before a close trade relationship is established.

"There is no logic, Europe is undermining Israel by destroying its security, and Europe is undermining its progress by undermining its connection with Israeli innovation because of the mad attempt to create conditions for peace with Palestine," Netanyahu said. said.

The relationship with the European Union will determine whether the 28 member states are "alive, thriving or disappearing and disappearing," he added.

The European Union and Israel have been tense for years. Jerusalem feels that Brussels is too soft for Palestine, but it is targeting too much of that policy. While the EU is Israel's main trading partner, friction continues. Israel dived in November 2015 in a relationship that began to ridicule decisions made to brand products made in Jewish settlements in the West Bank region of Jordan.

The EU does not recognize Israel's sovereignty over the occupied territories of the 1967 Middle East war, including the West Bank and East Jerusalem, which Palestinians are hoping to establish. It was a critical comment on Israel's settlement construction and adopted mandatory labeling of goods produced in West Bank settlements.

"The European Union is the only union in the world that coordinates its relations with Israel, which produces technology in all sectors, according to the political situation, the only thing that no one does." Despite politics, Netanyahu said Russia, China and India are willing to do business with Israel,

Netanyahu has pursued close trade ties with India and China in recent years. Earlier this month Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi signed a trade deal with Israel through a visit to the country.

In a statement released after the meeting, Oban shared Netanyahu 's view of EU relations with Israel and demanded a rational approach that "has a much better relationship with Israel" and less criticism.

"Europe's interest in Europe, as well as its interest in Israel, protects us from the invasion of more and more migrants," Oban said. "The relationship between Israel and the EU is not rational enough and needs to be resolved. "We hope that the relationship between the EU and Israel will be characterized by rationality and that instead of criticizing Israel, we should open doors to work with Israel," he said. Orban concluded that "Europe is punished if it does not cooperate with Israel." President Obrado's remarks on Israel are consistent with his views on countries like Turkey, Russia and China and emphasized improving relations and economic ties without examining human rights issues.

Oban said the so-called Visegrad Group's four Central European countries have accepted Netanyahu's invitation to hold the next meeting in Israel. Hungary is the chairman of the Visegrad Group until June 2018.